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John Christopher Hicks

dedicated to public health;
inspired by design



thoughtfully mine, the memoirs

Understanding Home

I still remember driving into Chiloquin, Oregon, for the very first time. We parked alongside a small road bordering a glassy Williamson River that weaved through the heart of town. Beneath overcast skies, a dusting of snow contrasted amber trees, browning grasses, and rustic homesteads.

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The Genesis of Next

Just like notes on sheet music, orchestrating plans for major life transitions can lead to uncertainty, excitement, and many other peaks of emotion. But it isn’t just my song drawing attention. With numerous friends and acquaintances of near and far having revealed substantial blueprints for change, it’s difficult to keep my eyes forward and not let my feelings get involved in their transitions…

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Oppression by Praise

There come times in your life when you’re able to find your niche in whatever you may do. Whether your job, your role at home, or the person you are outside of it all, you find and make everyone aware of a unique asset you bring to the table. Those around you discover your talent from the outcomes you produce, therefore garnering respect and acknowledgement. But what happens when praise for these routine accomplishments comes too regular? What is regular? Is it actual guilt of praise overuse, or is it truly and meaningfully due each time offered?…

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rediscovery and inspiration in health and design